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SWAROVSKI Fancy Stones are available in numerous shapes, ranging from classical gemstone-inspired cuts to progressive trend cuts. They come in a huge assortment of different sizes and colors. Showing either a faceted or flat reverse side, Fancy Stones can be glued into pre-cast cavities or used in metal settings. Their precision-cut facets ensure the highest brilliance and lend design ideas a unique sparkle. Settings are unplated or plated brass components, each specifically tailored to a Fancy Stone, that secure the crystal and allow for a myriad of application possibilities, including, but not limited to, sewing, soldering, and gluing. Here you can find the official color chart of Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones from standard collection.

Produkti 1-20 no 3596

Iestatīt augošā secībā
  1. Swarovski 4809 Sweet Heart 13x12mm Crystal Transmission

  2. Swarovski 4744 Flower 6mm Violet (6 gab)

  3. Swarovski 4470 Square 10mm White Opal Golden Shadow (2 gab)

  4. Swarovski 4470 Square 10mm Rose Vitrail Light (2 gab)

  5. Swarovski 4470 Square 10mm Light Colorado Topaz Volcano (2 gab)

  6. Swarovski 4470 Square 10mm Light Azore Moonlight (2 gab)

  7. Swarovski 4470 Square 10mm Light Amethyst (2 gab)

  8. Swarovski 4460 Mystic Square 10mm Crystal Electric Pink Ignite

  9. Swarovski 4428 XILION Square 8mm Light Topaz (4 gab)

  10. Swarovski 4428 XILION Square 4mm Light Turquoise (20 gab)

  11. Swarovski 4428 XILION Square 3mm Light Topaz (20 gab)

  12. Swarovski 4320 Pear 8x6mm Light Amethyst (2 gab)

  13. Swarovski 4320 Pear 8x6mm Chrysolite (2 gab)

  14. Swarovski 4320 Pear 18x13mm Sapphire

  15. Swarovski 4320 Pear 18x13mm Light Amethyst

  16. Swarovski 4320 Pear 14x10mm Light Amethyst Paradise Shine

  17. Swarovski 4320 Pear 14x10mm Light Amethyst

  18. Swarovski 4320 Pear 14x10mm Chrysolite Moonlight

  19. Swarovski 4320 Pear 10x7mm Light Amethyst (2 gab)

  20. Swarovski 4320 Pear 10x7mm Crystal Vitrail Medium (2 gab)