Swarovski 5844 Baroque Elongated 14mm Iridescent Tahitian Look (2 gab)

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Silver Dream ir oficiālais Swarovski® autorizētais dīleris, kas piedāvā plašu oriģinālo Swarovski produktu klāstu, kam piemīt nepārspējams mirdzums.

The desire for ethereal otherness in design occurs in spellbinding shapes that depart from the standard. The stunning Baroque Crystal Pearl family lends itself to the ongoing focus on all things organic, magical and natural as sustainability issues continue to fiercely uptrend. A tactile, sensuous design element, with its undulating natural shape and soft sparkle it is perfect for both classic and otherworldly designs.
Swarovski Pearls are an affordable alternative to real pearls and perfectly complement other Swarovski crystals such as Crystal Beads and Pendants. Crystal Pearls are developed primarily for use in jewelry and accessories. In addition to beading, a range of further creative application techniques can be used, such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, threading, weaving, knotting and wire working.

Plašāka informācija
Ražotāja valstsAustrija
VeidsKristāla pērles
Modelis5844 Baroque Elongated
KrāsaIridescent Tahitian Look
Daudzums iepakojumā2 Gabali
Pilns oriģinālais iepakojums daudzums100 gabali
InovācijasRudens/ziema 2021/22